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Hutch Owen Strips: Dennis Go Does Down

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I’ll be cross-posting here and on Blogger for a while until the Hutch book, Let’s Get Furious comes out.

At the HOW TO SAY EVERYTHING blog, I’ll be detailing more about process, etc. Here’s I’ll just be broadcasting.

The following marks the largest single section of Let’s Get Furious, the largest sub-story in the book, called “Dennis Goes Down.” Dennis, clearly one of the world’s “1%” decides to go see how the rest of the world lives. He thinks they need a kick in the butt to get spending again. This was written in 2004 or 5, I think.

I was still drawing too small at this point, and figuring out how to use this small space. I don’t love these drawings, nor the color choices (the book is printed in black/white), but this is a pretty great long story. I’ll be posting the more  thing in the coming weeks.

I stole those teeth from Tanioka, the guy who invented “noseblood.”

The idea that we all, as consumers and producers, are part of a larger myth and story interests me, fascinates me and disgusts me to no end. What was in ancient times  a system of stories and rituals for coping, growing and evolving has been recast and relocated in commercial endeavors. It’s regrettable, maybe even evil but I don’t give people that much credit. We’re mostly just stupid and have lost sight our best options for our humanity: art, ritual, family, nature, faith, physicality, concentration, generosity, etc.

I wrote this while reading David Copperfield, which I never finished; got too carried away with this story.

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November 6, 2011 at 2:09 am

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