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Rockabilly Kid

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Not a lot to say about this week’s strips except I’m fond of them. I thunk up the idea of a pre-teen or young teen brand manager a long time ago, and realized he needed a very discernable style. Even if cliched, his youth would make it unique and thus he would have a brand. Kind of like Mini-Kiss. It had to be Rockabilly.

I doodled another “brand manager” for the past few months- a robotic alien looking thing, but when I put all his lines (except “chasing the kitties” maybe) into the Rockabilly Kid, it came out much funnier.

There are a number of stylistic errors: the ringed t-shirt first and foremost. Those errors are mine, and not the Kid’s, as his sense of the brand is flawless.

Written by hutchowen

August 5, 2007 at 8:40 pm

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