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Hutch Strips in France, week 3: All about the cheese.

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The strips here are a response to how overwhelmed I am by French cheeses when I am there. In fact, it’s mostly what I am thinking about these days, while decompressing from my time there. It’s the main thing, aside from close contact with friends, that I can not duplicate while here. Damn the law…

Most of these strips were written and sketched in Eric Corbeyran’s house in Bordeaux. I was overwhelmed, Rumi-like by a cow cheese we had bought a couple days prior. It was an accident I bought one from a cow, usually Leela and I prefer goat. Whatever- it doesn’t and didn’t matter, cause all these things are terrifyingly alive. There should be horror movies about them.


Written by hutchowen

June 3, 2007 at 8:44 pm

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