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France Strips Week 2: France is too beautiful!

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These strips are week 2 of my strips about France, which is TOO BEAUTIFUL. It is so easy to walk around France and believe eerything is perfect. Everyone seems to enjoy their middle class life style. Lunches are casual, slow. Mornings and evenings are less harried than you would see in American cities. Coffee is something you stop to have. You enjoy your meals, you enjoy your rituals (France seems to be mostly rituals…)

But the suburbs riot every once in a whlie. Who sees that? It’s hard to find a bad neighborhood, or even much disparity in Paris proper, or any of the cities. Who knows what goes on in these bad suburbs?

Walking around Paris in my cloud, happy to participate in the rituals, happy to believe everything is ok… Is it? Is it ever? How can you balance it out?

Best way to not think about it? Better to take the advice of my grandfather about avoiding hangovers: stay drunk.


Written by hutchowen

May 29, 2007 at 10:35 am

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