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I’ve gone Republican!

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How awesome is this? I’ve been accused of providing fodder for the Republican propaganda machine! For a natural contrarian, I’m pleased as punch, but for someone who thinks impalement is too good for some of these a-holes, well…

The text follows below

Hart’s cartoon aids GOP propaganda
When I read Tom Hart’s cartoon about Democrats having no message, I was really bothered by it. Obviously the Democrats have more message than the Republicans, but the media and Republicans are very good at spinning myths into the general populace. (Well, it’s pretty much what 100 percent of their energy and money goes toward, so this figures.) Hart, maybe inadvertently, helps the GOP’s propaganda and myths spread, so dumb liberals will fall for RoveThink. (He was searching for an easy punch line most likely.)We all know what Democrats stand for: higher minimum wages; universal health care; election reforms like paper trails on electronic voting machines; less poison in our air; fewer violations of the Geneva Convention; fewer tax dollars going to train terrorists like Osama and the Taliban; fewer no bid contracts to Halliburton; and a thousand other issues you can think of if you try. The Republicans have gotten caught lying about every single topic and issue there is. Yes, the Democrats are worse at propaganda and fighting for what they believe in (or what they pretend to believe in), but this total lie that …


Actually, I was merely going to post this at let it lie, but I remembered what my friend Gwen from Rev Billy’s choir and I shared when we saw this: what Democratic party is he talking about? Is there a Democratic party that believes in universal health care? I haven’t seen it. That’s what my comic on Friday was about. Who cares about the jerk in the hole? -TH

A postscript- Leela tells me this writer is the boyfriend of a funny comedienne we once saw, and a activist in NYC. More power too him, and more power to him finding a space to get the message out more. I wish he was right about the fucking Democrats, though.


Written by hutchowen

October 19, 2006 at 2:03 am

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