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I hate to admit a jerk was right, even somewhat, but I do think I was getting out of control with my underlining.

A very productive conversation with the two colleague/peers whose opinions I value most, Matt Madden and Jessica Abel, led to me to realize maybe I was out of control.

Here’s a link to a strip:

and even cleaned up there’s tons of ’em:

To me, this underlining thing was always about the LINE, and how it effects the RHYTHM of the strip. Never about how you would hear it in your head. Never really about the character’s voices. But I was out of control (did I mention that?) and wasn’t really thinking about how people would read it.

The thing is, the line is the thing. I LOVE line, and I felt like the lines in the balloons echoed the lines in the strip. On the ground, on the rocks, in the characters pants, whatever. It’s about lines and not thick bold letters.

It looks ok on the screen I think, but today ( here ) , when I saw it in the paper over Matt and Jessica’s shoulders… oy vey. On the paper it was too much. I’m embarassed. At 36, I am still learning things totally anew.

I’ll be trimming at least 50% out of the underlining budget for the rest of the 2006 fiscal year. No new taxes!


PS- the jerk I mention in the first sentence is RF. RF- you were only partially right!

PPS- I did something else right tonight- I took Heather and Ben to Harold night at UCBT and THE ROCK AND ROLL WAS PERFECT!


Written by hutchowen

October 4, 2006 at 2:12 am

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  1. Sorry, but I like the underlining. I think it’s much punchier with the underlines–otherwise the stream of words gets lost. What the character said is meant to be a verbal barrage, and the underlining slows the reader down enough to comprehend what’s being said.

    I always liked Mad Magazine’s seemingly compulsive bolding when they spoofed tv shows. It adds emphasis and sarcasm.

    And yuh, don’t think I’ve forgotten your birthday, Mr. October 8th.

    Skip Major

    October 4, 2006 at 11:45 am

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