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Week 6 improv class

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ok so week 6 of improv class, we the students hired a coach to help us out a bit and she rocked. Tara Copeland was generous and firm- the perfect combination, and we I think were ready to be pushed into integrating our “skills” better. Big take-away from this session: be emotionally open. Every scene got better, especially mine, when would express a real feeling- something we really were feeling at the time. I have no acting training, and this is hard (I think if I really expressed the main thing I was feeling it would be “I’m freakin terrified” over and over again. Guess I’ll try to find a secondary emotion in there somewhere.

Seriously, this is ultimately why I took this class- to be in the moment, open and ready to express oneself. The thing that I want so bad is so hard and scary- this moment thing, this present-ness, this alive on the planet. Fuck yeah!

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June 24, 2006 at 6:54 pm

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