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Week 6 at UCBT

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Ok I am fried from another awesome class at UCBT, and much improved from last week, but fried nonetheless.

This week, after some warm-up exercises where we play around with things we “believe” – announcing them, then later announcing opposite beliefs- we tried to create characters whose beliefs might be absurd or at least different from ours. It brought out good characters. My character didn’t have a belief as much as a fact: she was “born at home.” I keep being given scenes where I am a child, and so my child was very home-schooled, granola-y. She made a poop and announced that it was natural.

Next we played animals- I was a saint bernard, and played a helpful husband, being watched by a crazy wife.

This week was more fun, but I am still a deer in the headlights.

Written by hutchowen

June 15, 2006 at 10:56 pm

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  1. Um, dude? I think this exercise is the way I live my life. The thing is,you actually are a helpful St. Bernard deer in headlights husband homeschooled child. Variously I’ve seen this all in you.

    “Improv: It’s Not Just an Exercise, It’s Your Life.”

    Skip Major

    June 16, 2006 at 8:25 am

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