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Ron Mueck Sculptures

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I’m a complete knucklehead so I don’t know who Ron Mueck is, but these simple sculptures are so moving to me. I’m a cartoonist because I like a certain thing very much- that certain thing is presenting people with something simplified, something exaggerated, something out of whack. Puppets move funny, their features are hard, forceful, strange. Cartoons (mine anyway) are about people just a little more rambunctuous, a bit uglier looking and a bit sillier. The exaggeration in these sculptures immediately puts them in that realm of cartoons and puppets. A simple change that gives us a new type of human to react to. I love it.

(A digression: drama doesn’t change its presentation of people. Drama is fast, intense, short- not meandering like life. But it’s the STORY that is changed, exaggerated. It’s the story that changes, but the people are just like life, if you’re lucky. )

Written by hutchowen

May 27, 2006 at 11:17 am

Posted in Art, Music, etc

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