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Second Class at Upright Citizens Brigade

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Second class at UCBT imrpov 101 class with Shannon. Love it!

A quick rundown of exercises we did, mostly listed here to remind myself for later:

Getting people’s names down- a quick game of yes, and… where we take a place after we remember a name.
Knife throwing game, where we pretend to throw a knife at each other (and catch it.)
Then two knives
The one knife becomes an egg.

These games were crazy. Nerve wracking. We were all a mess after throwing two knives around.

Ad Executive Game. 4 of us get on chairs. The audience feeds us a crazy bogus product and we gotta sell the shit out of it! Our product was a tampon/umbrella called the Flying Rod. Go figure. Fun.

Then lots and lots of three line initiation/responses. Getting further along. We stop repeating, and let it just fly. Then we do initiation, and three different responses to it. Tough!

I slowed down, as I said I needed too, and did a lot better, though feel like I gave my fellow students some really shitty lines.


It’s Skip’s 40th birthday on Saturday!

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May 18, 2006 at 2:25 am

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