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Soft Flower strips, May 15, 06

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<a href=”;Hutch is a soft flower
The series of strips happening this week represents me going more into Peanuts land (riffing on a character verbal tics and obsessive way of dealing with the world) and also playing with the symmetry of Hutch and Blumer as similarly random and often useless poles on the contiuum of deeds and works. Having been formally, and occasionally graciously rejected from the the newspaper syndicates, I am trying to embrace the idea that I do not have to give a fuck. I don’t have to make sure each day reads completely cold, or that I don’t reference something a wee bit too obscure, or that I don’t use the F word, probably my favorite fucking word.

Stay tuned. This is a fun bunch of strips, and we’re winding down to the end of the book, which I am deliriously excited about.

God I love saying the F word again!

Written by hutchowen

May 15, 2006 at 1:23 am

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