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First Class at Upright Citizens Brigade

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Ok I took my first class in troupe improv comedy at Upright Citizen’s Brigade and here’s how I SUCK:

I am too speedy, desperate, fast, harried. First thoughts are good, but you needn’t race to them out of panic.

I think what worries people often is that they will reveal themselves in their words and ideas. I worry I will reveal myself in my silences. I panic.

Anyway, for anyone interested, the rundown of the first session is a series of exercises as follows:

1- warm up game, where we learn each other’s names, pointing to people’s whos names we remember. They must respond with YES, and add to that, by telling a fact about themselves. This, introducing the super important rule of YES, AND… We did this for several rounds.

2- pet peeve game. We all get used to ranting and “using out passion” or something, which coming from a guy who rants on paper on a daily basis, I found it hard at first. So I went for NY coffee, and how you can’t pour your own milk, etc.

3- interview, in trios. We all get in chairs, and are interviewed by the instructor: “how do you all know each other?” This was fun. It was during this session that I realized everyone else were actors and I was the only housewife there.

4 – 3 lines. Introducing place and relationships in a few lines. Boy did I flub this one. Too fast too fast.

5 -Answer expertly. We all get in a circle and ask one person in the center all sorts of questions. They have to answer as completely expertly as possible. “Playing to our intelligence” as they say.


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May 14, 2006 at 11:51 pm

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