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Who’s this Colbert jerk? Let me shake his hand! This man has balls- to test the mettle of the press corps and the President! HAWHAWAW

Look, I do not give a FUCK who the President is. It does not change my role one bit. How ridiculous the President looks is of no interest to me. I have one charge and one charge only: KEEP THE HOI POLLOI IN AWE. Keep them running.

And that’s the easiest job in the world. You throw something on TV and they flock to it. Lure em with a story, or confuse em with Dada. They flop their jello wings, hovering around that seductive light bulb that might let them forget misery, shame, fear, corpses, for 5 minutes.

In fact, I WANT a better President! Give me a “REFORMER”- I want a challenge!

These guys make it too easy to just keep the piles of dough in my circle. Make it hard! I dare you!

The ultimate prey is MAN and I want a level playing field!

America, I’ll give you a reformer President and 20 minute lead! After that, I’m coming after you!


Written by hutchowen

May 6, 2006 at 9:35 am

Posted in By DENNIS

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