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Random ending thoughts

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Yo it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, as they say.

Ok this thing is coming down to the end, and I’m writing this as a compost posting for all to hear. Random ending thoughts, here they are:

Blumer on a raft, Sean Penn meets a trapped bird- I can help I can help. Builds an ark. Is powerful and crazy. The only one who doesn’t nned more, just needs to be in a constant state of need. Or something.

Hutch: I’m tired of being angry. Tired of being furious, tired of being cranky, tired of being arrogant, tired of having to puff myself up, to define myself in arrogance and against the grain. (See what you gotta understand about me is I go against the grain… I don’t do what the mainstream does… (-Barney Banks)) I’m sick of having to be DEFIANT in order to feel my blood coursing.
New titles based on the new man:
Let’s get Pure
Let’s get our blood coursing
Let’s get easy
Let’s get direct. (Again the New Hat paradigm: poetry/art vs work/deeds.)

Oswald goes nowhere- Why? Put him somewhere.
Nora goes nowhere- Why? Put her somewhere. She bonds with Blumer. Or that’s the next book.
Dennis/Fristoe/Chork return. Chork reappears. His love of martinis cemented- he is in the upper class. (He is a bit too flip floppy in the book. Can use some editing.)

The book is mostly about (in order of singificance of arc):

Fristoe- a good counterpoint, but eventually doesn’t have the strength of story Dennis does.


Oswald and Nora do little.

Written by hutchowen

April 25, 2006 at 1:47 pm

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