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A Call to be Peppered

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It was many years ago today that I peppered that guy in the face…

Anyway, screw all you poor, the tired the wretched should find some other country to keep coming into, cause it’s not like we’re sitting around trying to come up with jobs for y’all, you dumb shits. We are all sitting around, trying to make some more cash for ourselves- “uh duh”- to put it in your vernacular.

So listen- DON’T COME HERE! And don’t have more kids, and don’t stay here if you can’t make it in the American Dream. The American Dream is about the tax code now, baby. It’s about buying favors, and looting the tax base (did I mention that if you DO stick around, at least make enough money to pay some federal taxes- JEESH) and enjoying the returns.

This is a good country to be rich. I encourage you to try it.

It will give me more things to aim at, to try and “pepper” as it crosses my line of sight.

Come on out- the hunting’s fine.


Written by hutchowen

February 19, 2006 at 11:49 am

Posted in By DENNIS

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