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I Did Not Shoot That Man

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I did not shoot a man. Well I did not really get him between the eyes, anyway. I shot him but I blew it. If you accidentally shoot a man, and he’s going to be ok, the least you could do as another wealthy man, is pay the guy a bit in remorse change. And the least you could do, as God- hello God!- is let it be that you really nail him (but then be ok!)

Is it manslaughter if you are really just accidentally right there and it just happens to nail him between the eyes, and if God in his providence saw , as always, that your shot didn’t miss.

I think I’m turning my own stomach here. I would never shoot another wealthy man, Jeez. A man like that has earned his keep!

Tomorrow, who I WOULD shoot…


Written by hutchowen

February 16, 2006 at 8:39 am

Posted in By DENNIS

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