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This is the “real live cartoonist ” (a la Real Live Preacher part of the blog. Where I document the trials and troubles, inner conflicts, psychological corners of those of us in our dandy profession.

In this instance, I have NO IDEA how to get what I want to do out on paper. Or, more importantly, too many ideas, not sure if any are good, and not sure if I really know what I want.

Spoiler: (not much of one, but…) I know Fristoe has to get Hutch and the gang on TV somehow, by making some phone calls, getting some PR, etc. I know Dennis has to see this, and has to go rescue Fristoe- who is about ready to be rescued at this point. Then we have a giant collapsing crisis and or mayhem of some kind, every one goes home and all is good. Fristoe can’t imagine what he ever saw in the layabouts of the junkyard, and Dennis knows now there is never any good reason to go out of the office.

Determined to have it be the “made up country” thing I played around with last week in another venue, I am thinking- ok Hutch starts it, Fristoe arrives later, OR NORA starts it, Hutch arrives later (Fristoe being the latest in the chain…)

These kinds of writings are always good ways to figure these things out. Like, maybe, a week of Fristoe really batting his head, going through real turmoil, tyring to figure out how to get H the publicity he wants (not realizing this whole “country” thing is going on without him)- a shot of F at the library, and researching old classic PR launches. Problem is, H isn’t really selling anything yet, until his country comes along. Fristoe would say: YOU GOTTA BE OFFERING SOMETHING to the people.

99% of the time, the troubles I’m having in my brain, are the troubles I should depict on the paper – almost always it is the right drama at the right time. But here, the drama, once the idea of forming a new country hits the character’s brains, there is no drama. There is no chance for reversals or changes of heart or fights or anything. “Yeah that’s a good idea” is bad drama. “That’s a lousy idea”/”We’re doing it anyway ” is much much better.

Maybe go from there. Fristoe desperately trying to keep the gang from going ahead with this -it’s all about inclusiveness afterall-

Then again, the visions of F wandering some wilderness, trying to figure out what to do is funny too. Writing a letter to Dennis (That way- everyone gets their letter writing section!)



Written by hutchowen

January 15, 2006 at 5:35 pm

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