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But wait there’s more

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Watching show about Vietnam war. Man on bombed land looks at camera and says “look- first they bomb us without looking, then they film us.” What response can a sane person have to war? Nora says there’s always war, we have to be sensible, take small steps, be aware. Don’t give in to the hopelessness, and don’t give in to the powerlessness, the consumerism, the diversion, the commercials- but wait there’s more. I kid you not. Moments later, an ad for some sort of omelette machine, but wait there’s more and how much would you expect to pay and all that.

After the commercial break, the show returns: they’re making coffins for children. 800 or 900 a week. That’s in the city. In the country side, there’s no coffins, cause there’s no money for them.

But wait- there’s more.


Written by hutchowen

January 13, 2006 at 11:47 pm

Posted in By HUTCH OWEN

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